Organizational environmental scans

WingFlaps will examine your organization's intersection of operational strategies, performance management, and innovation as they relate to achieving tactical enterprise objectives. Organizational leadership's role is the developing and deploying enterprise strategy roadmaps that take process design concepts to desirable outcomes.  The goal of this exercise is the production of defined set of ecosystem actors which define the inherent operational environment.

Key to successful organizational strategy development and deployment is a tactical roadmap which achieves strategic/tactical objectives and enhances enterprise competitive advantage. Competitive advantage emerges as a byproduct of an engaged, committed, and innovative workforce as they are engaged in the process of product or service provision.

The inherent theory in the process of innovation is embedded in the notion that innovative workforces through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and cooperation; nurture and develop new products, new markets, and new business processes which enhances operational outcomes.


Strategic or tactical organizational goals strive to reveal new or innovative methods to use enterprise resources and operational capabilities to enhance organizational capacity to deliver value to stakeholders. These strategies often target one or more of four systematic levels:

              Human capital resources

              Functional processes and tasks

              Technological capabilities

              Organizational leadership

These organizational subsystems represent components of larger ecosystems that respond to external stimuli (e.g., consumers, value chain partners, or regulatory agencies) relative to a set of products and/or services. Generating these products or services involves functional activities executed in knowledge workflow processes to produce desirable outcomes according established performance metrics. WingFlaps consulting services assist organizations in structuring workplace environments that help foster a climate of change readiness and propensity for innovative solution-finding.

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